It’s a baby…..

I met Kunbi (not her real name) in 2013. I was employed at Pastor Bimbo Odukoya Foundation at the time and she had called in because she needed some encouragment; at that time, she had been married for three years and was yet to have a child. We spoke and prayed together over the phone and met a few days later so I give her a book (God’s Waiting Room) to help strengthen her faith. We remained in touch for a while but our calls soon gave way to short greetings once in a while on BBM.

In October 2016, I noticed that Kunbi’s DP was a baby and my heart jumped but I didn’t comment on it as I was trying to be sensitive then a few days later she initiated a chat with me. Her words were “Hello sis, God has done it o”, I responded “your DP?” and she said “gave birth more than 2 weeks ago, a baby girl; my tears have been wiped away, the waiting room is over”.

To say I was excited and thankful to God would be an understatement; as I write this post, I am amazed all over again at the goodness of the God we serve. Indeed weeping may last the night but joy always comes in the morning (Ps 30:5).

Today, I will be sharing, with her permission, a bit of Kunbi’s story. It is our hope that it will encourage other couples who are still in God’s waiting room; it isn’t over until you have your miracle too.

When Kunbi and Timi (not their real names) got married in 2010; their desire was to start a family immediately but when that didn’t happen after six months, Kunbi went to see a doctor. She was told that it was too early to start worrying and advised to return only if they still weren’t pregnant after their first anniversary.

Six months later, Kunbi and Timi were back at the hospital for fertility tests and the results showed that Kunbi’s tubes were blocked. After being flushed, she was told that her tubes had been opened and encouraged to continue trying for a baby.

Several months later, Kunbi still didn’t conceive and they sought a second opinion. Kunbi was told that her tubes were still blocked and the doctor recommended the HSG test. She experienced severe pain during the test but comforted herself with the thought that she would soon conceive; sadly, that didn’t happen.

By their third anniversary (which was when we met) it was getting tough to resist the pressure from family and other well-wishers. Unsolicited advice to attend prayer & deliverance meetings and take some “cleansing baths” were obeyed just to appease concerned loved ones; when nothing happened, Timi was advised to have an affair or two so he can children but he rejected it and remained very supportive of Kunbi.

It was a really trying period and when after a consultation with a third doctor and another HSG test, Kunbi was told that in addition to blocked tubes, she had fibroids and that it would take a miracle for her to ever conceive, the couple decided to look solely to God, the Miracle Worker.

December 2015, Kunbi and Timi attended their annual church conference, Shiloh, and as soon as they stepped out at the end of a prayer session for couples waiting on God for children, her monthly period started. Feeling discouraged, Kunbi wanted to return home immediately but Timi refused to let her, he encouraged her to stay till the end of the conference and trust that God had all things in control.

January 2016, Kunbi (in her own words) started feeling “funny”; her mouth was bitter and she was putting on weight and for the first time in almost six years of marriage, she had an urge to take a pregnancy test; she bought 2 kits at a pharmacy and they both turned positive. Overjoyed, she told Timi who couldn’t quite believe it; God had just given them a pleasant surprise and New Year’s gift. Kunbi’s had an easy pregnancy, no morning sickness or fatigue; a week before her EDD, she asked God to let her labour start and less than 24 hours later, she gave birth to her daughter at the same hospital where she had been told that she needed a miracle.

When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, it was as if we were dreaming.

Then our mouths were filled with laughter and our tongues with joyful songs.

Then the nations said, “The Lord has done spectacular things for them.”

The Lord has done spectacular things for us. We are overjoyed.

(Ps 126:1-3, God’s Word translation)

Are you waiting on God for marriage, children, a job, accommodation, healing & good health, release from debt, restored relationships or anything else?

Don’t stop believing, God has come through for you.



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